Ashley Hess


Zach Stroeher

Wedding Party

Kelli Gwen Hall

Maid of Honor

Kelli and Ashley have known each other since junior high, and have remained best friends since running into each other on campus at the University of Houston freshman year. Kelli and Ashley share a love of UH football, bougie restaurants, and travel adventures. Also wearing matching outfits and throwing the best themed parties :).

Laura Diaz Swanson


Laura and Ashley met at UH and have remained close and wonderful friends (and even former roommates!). Laura, a mom of three boys, is a master crafter, a lover of Harry Potter, and an amazing baker of boozy cakes (she once made Ashley a tiered champagne cake that required like 5 test batches to get right). From skydiving adventures to crafting our entire apartment, Ashley owes many days of fun and laughter to this lady.

Carissa Martinez Brinkmann


Carissa and Ashley's friendship began when Carissa interned for a semester at Arte Público Press. What started as a quick connection soon lead to a long-lasting friendship filled with two-stepping, football, and international adventures (Prague and Budapest FTW). Carissa lives with her husband Robin and son Rees in Frankfurt, Germany, and are visited as often as possible by Ashley and Zach.

Natalie Magill Gonzalez


Natalie and Ashley's friendship started at UH and grew into something spectacular through endless brunches, long nights out (esp in our single days) and lots of adventures - like Natalie's unforgettable lakeside birthday bash near Atlanta. Natalie and Ashley share a love of all things travel. It was Natalie and David's beautiful wedding in San Diego that inspired Ashley and Zach's destination wedding in Colorado, and we couldn't be happier to have Natalie as part of our special day.

Christine Laird Forbes


Christine and Ashley became friends when traveling to Atlanta for Natalie's birthday. We quickly realized we had similar careers, and before long, Christine was slipping Ashley's resume to HR for an open position at MMI Agency. Christine and Ashley worked together at MMI for 3 years and have remained close friends throughout - sharing a love of Jane Austen, camping, and all things Harry Potter.

Ashley Emola Blanco


Ashley Emola and Ashley Hess met during their time in the Spirit of Houston at UH. Ashley Emola was a cheerleader when Ashley Hess was the female mascot, Sasha. These two Ashleys formed a fast friendship and are completely inseparable when their favorite line dances start to play. Ashley Emola is the mom of twin baby girls and wins the prize for biggest Harry Potter fan in the bride tribe.

Timothy Gurnett

Best Man

Tim and Zach have been friends since the second grade, when they met in the Meadows neighborhood in Omaha where they both grew up. The boys were even the same height until Tim had a growth spurt in the 6th grade...and Zach did not :). Tim and Zach joined the navy together in 2004, and share an interest in the great outdoors. Tim has been a park ranger and forest fire fighter and now lives with his family in Alaska, where he is an avid outdoorsman.

Christopher Tangeman


Chris (often referred to as just "Tangeman") and Zach have also known each other since second grade and share an interest in the great outdoors. The boys would explore drainage sewers as kids, and have explored parks, rivers and trails together as adults. Tangeman lives in Omaha, NE, with his wife and new baby.

Andrew Roth


Andrew and Zach met in junior high and initially hated each other. As Zach remembers it, Andrew moved in and took the spotlight from Tim, who was always "the funny guy." They eventually bonded when they reluctantly realized they shared a love of comic books, movies, and pop culture. They've remained close friends, even traveling to Oktoberfest in Munich together in 2017. Andrew lives and works in Omaha.

Phil Coufal


Phil and Zach met when Zach moved to Houston in 2011. They share an interest in weight lifting and fitness, as well as running, rock climbing, and video games. Phil has an ever-revolving catalog of mustache styles, makes his own wine, and is a self-proclaimed Houston foodie. Phil works as a systems architect in Houston and travels as frequently as he can.

Jeff Dickerson


Jeff and Zach met through Liz Dickerson - Jeff's wife and Zach's friend from Omaha (who also introduced Zach and Ashley). The guys quickly bonded over a love of beer, meat, and their history in the military - much to Liz's dismay, as Zach was "her friend" ;). Jeff and his family (including daughter Maddie who has known Zach as an uncle her whole life) live in Houston.

Chris Henderson


Chris (often referred to as just "Henderson") and Zach met while bartending together at Catbirds - the diviest of jazz bars in the Houston neighborhood Montrose. They spent many evenings mixing drinks, haulting bar fights, and keeping the non-regulars from running amuck. Henderson and Zach share a love of Queen and even refer to themselves as "The Princes of the Universe" from the Queen song. Henderson works as a private investigator in the Houston area.

Dusten Hess


Dusten is Ashley's younger brother and the father of the cutest child in the world (Ashley's nephew, Max). Dusten works as a mechanical engineer, taking on projects across the country. He is an avid UH fan, and loves golfing, fishing, and eating as much cajun food as he can. His love of hot sauce is unmatched. Dusten lives with his family in Houston.

Matthew Hall


Matthew and Ashley have been friends since working together at Arte Público Press at the Univeristy of Houston - where they used to carpool to work together and go on "froo froo coffee Friday" runs. Ashley introduced Matt to her best friend Kelli (his now wife), and Ashley also introduced Matt to Zach. Matt and Ashley share a love of reading and movies (Zombieland, anyone?) while Matt shares a love of whiskey, cooking, and gardening with Zach.

Kevin Webb


Kevin is Ashley's first cousin once removed (her mother's cousin, who is casually known as her "uncle"). Kevin and Ashley share a love of travel, adventuring together to the Middle East in early 2011 to visit Egypt, Cyprus, Israel and Jordan. It is this love and connection that prompted Ashley and Zach to ask Kevin to officiate, as this is the next big adventure for them. Kevin is also the proud granddad of five kiddos: Liv, Ruby, Jude, Archer, and baby Viengar #5.

Liz Romero Dickerson

House Party

Liz has been friends with Zach since junior high in Omaha, and the two reconnected after separately moving to Houston. Liz and Ashley had also become friends, and it was during Liz's 30th birthday that Ashley and Zach were introduced. Liz enjoys gourmet cooking and is an aficionado of ethnic and spicy food. She is in nursing school and loves to travel when possible.

Claire Steakley

House Party

Ashley met Claire while babysitting for her family in college (Claire was eight), and they've had a sisterly-bond-turned-lifelong-friendship ever since. They share a love of downhill skiing (in Colorado, of course), T-Swift, dogs, and all things Harry Potter. Claire is a student at Loyola Marymount University in LA, and an aspiring singer/songwriter.

Grace Steakley

House Party

Ashley has known Grace since she started babysitting for the Steakley family when Grace was four years old. Through the years, they've had a sisterly relationship and tons of adventures - beach trips down to Galveston, scuba diving lessons, ski/tubing trips, and learning every dance move to High School Musical. Grace is a senior at St. Agnes Academy and the Colonol of the Tiger Girls Dance Team. She will be attending Baylor University in the fall of 2019. Ashley couldn't imagine her bride tribe without Grace in it!

Alex Jimenez

House Party

Alex and Ashley are sisters in law, as Alex is married to Ashley's brother Dusten. Alex is the mom to the adorable Max and loves travel, crawfish, UH football, and posting the most hilarious Insta-Stories. Alex works for Intuitive Surgical (the company with the da Vinci surgical robots :)).

April Perales

House Party

April and Ashley met in 2013 (when April was roomies with Carissa Brinkmann) and they became fast friends. April and Ashley share a love of travel, theater, and being Virgos, and have even celebrated their birthdays by skydiving together. April is by far one of the most hilarious people that Ashley knows.
Jennifer Postorino